Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Happy 6th birthday, integomb!!!
ouh, it has been 6 years from the day we registered together
from the day integomb has officially received its first students
6 years has gone pass
whether you guys realise it or not
we have also changed as how our school is continuously changing

remember the time we spent together
the joy we had together
the tears and dissatisfaction that we felt together
those are unforgettable memories

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy birthday, friends!

happy birthday to aainaa and macap!!!

here we are!

form 3

we are the first batch yg masuk dari form 1
17th February 2003
the day which we never, ever forget!
some of us masuk dari form 4 in 2006

p/s: sape ingat lagi what happened time pic above ni?

form 4

in memories..
with cikgu yg xabes2 find our weakness and fault
because she loves us

*klakar la bile tgk muke kanak2 masing2. ^^

form 5

spm candidates 2007
ohh sgt rindu weyy ngan korang!!!!!
info: dpt no. 4 weyy ranking SPM
serious ramai gile xsangke
and i bet sekolah2 laen just ingat kitaorg ni..
"ala, slalu first batch dr form 1 ni mesti spoiler, result down punye la"
we made it!
we prove it!
prove that they are totally wrong...

blok akademik

this is our first entry
so we more to introduce ourselves je la
so to anyone integombians esp batch 0307 yg ade blog
gtaw okay!
aku xnak kite lost contact

.sumpah rindu gile ngan korang!.